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Cerveza de Rio -Mexican Lager

This Mexican Style Lager was crafted as an ode to our amazing waterways. No matter your activity of choice, this refreshingly crisp lager is best served on the river! ABV 5.4% IBU18

I Ain’t Your Huckleberry -Sour

A well balanced sour beer brewed with blueberry, blackberry, and black currants. No huckleberries were harmed in the making of this beer. ABV 5.%  IBU 7

4 O’Clock Session IPA

This is one crushable IPA. Enjoy the brew’s balanced bitterness that gives way to a tropical fruit finish. ABV 5.5 % IBU 60

Pass-Hole Pale Ale 

Anything but your proper English Pale Ale, this brew was crafted to quell your frustrations. Take in its herbal and earthy aromas, and enjoy its perfect balance of malt sweetness and pleasant hop bitterness. This is our reminder to you: don’t be a pass-hole, just drink one.   ABV 5.7% IBU 33

Go Big! Golden Ale

Our lightest bodied beer that’s easy drinking with very light hop character and a hint of tropical flavor in the finish.  ABV 4.6% IBU 18

Barrel Aged Mightier Bison Double Brown

LIMITED RELEASE: Brewed in honor of our fan favorite and flagship beer Mighty Bison Brown. We bumped up the ABV and aged this double brown for 6 months in a Four Roses Bourbon barrel to give you this rare treat. Enjoy!  ABV 9.5% IBU25

Hopstafarian IPA

Modern brewers are Hopstafarians by trade- Pursuing the balance between hops and malt to experience the ultimate in flavor and aroma. This special IPA is handcrafted by extremely passionate brewers dedicated to quality.  ABV 6.9% IBU 88

M.F. Maibock

Brewed with the finest German malted barley, thes beer offers a subtle toasted but bready malt characteristic and a crisp clean lager finish. This lager goes down smooth so be aware of the 7.0% ABV!  IBU 30


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