A History of Our Beers

10th Anniversary IPA

This India Pale Ale is “Hop Forward” in flavor with Citrus, Floral, and Grapefruit Aromas. Have more than one and help us celbrate 10 years oof business! Brewed with Cascade and Chinook Hops. ABV 7.6% IBU 81

8 Grain IPA

Our newest IPA creation was brewed with 8 different grains for unique and complex flavor. Chinook hops give this IPA its citrusy bitterness, while Amarillo and Cascade hops provide aroma.
ABV 7.6%

9 Grain Amber

This is a richer, maltier and more complex Amber with ample hops for balance. This Amber was brewed with 9 different types of grain. Made with Zythos, Falconers Flight, & Saaz Hops.
ABV 6.5% IBU 41

Ale Slinger IPA

Our Gold Medal winner (2012, NABA) has a deep copper color with complex Caramel notes. It has a crisp, clean hoppy finish that lingers on the palette. Made with Cascade and Falconers Flight Hops. ABV 7.6% IBU 80

Alpen Glow Amber Rye

Rich amber color with a crisp flavor profile provided by the addition of Flaked Rye and three kinds of hops. It is a smooth, crisp winter version of our Summer Rye.


This Alt style ale is a light amber hue (lighter than your typical alt) with medium body. It is sweet, crisp and smooth with a hop finish that is slightly dry. Very drinkable.

Bear Claw Black Ale

Smooth with a rich deep character; light on hops and malt. A lighter summer style, “just shy of a porter.”

Black Eye P A

Our version of a popular new style, the Idia Black Ale. The aroma is a balance of dark malts and hops. Medium bodied and complex with a clean, hoppy finish. Made with Amarillo, Cascade and Willamette hops.
ABV 7.7% IBU 72

Buckwild Double Blonde

Our wildly popular deep blonde colored summer seasonal. This brew has a slightly fruity profile and a great Amarillo dry hop aroma.
ABV 6.5% IBU 32

Couloir Cream Ale

Our version of the Cream Ale Style is light, smooth, and ultra drinkable. It is light in body with delicate hops. Made with Liberty and Hallartau Hops.
ABV 5% IBU 16

Coyote Pale Mild Ale

Most mild ales are brown; we decided to make a pale mild with smooth creamy texture that is very drinkable. An excellent pairing with more delicate foods, like our Smoked Salmon pizza.

Daredevil IPA

This India Pale Ale is brewed with Citra and Simcoe hops providing an aroma of citrus and slight mango with a hint of pine in the finish. Another classic, “more flavor than bitterness”, Wildlife IPA ~ Delicious!
ABV 7.6%

Devils Tale Red Ale

This ale has a rich, deep red color and mild aromas with hints of toffee and a balanced hop bitterness in the finish. Made with Northern Brewer, English Challenger and Cascade hops. It’ll bring out the devil in you!
ABV 7% IBU 69

Flavor Slave IPA

This IPA is a “Single Hop” Variety utilizing Falconers Flight Hops throughout the Brew giving this IPA Floral, Tropical, and Citrus Aromas with a clean finish.
ABV 7.6% IBU 78

Flow-tation Micro Light

Brewed with Saaz and Zythos hops, this light ale is both balanced and crisp with a mild floral aroma. Very drinkable and delightfully full of character.
ABV 5.0% IBU 19

Fun Hog Oatmeal Brown

Our Bronze winner (2011, NABA) is a creamier version of the Mighty Bison with complex flavor and lighter hops.
ABV 6%

Gelande’ IPA

Hoppy and aromatic, this India Pale Ale has a strong grapefruit flavor, a hint of pine, and the slightist bit of mango in the finish. Brewed with Centennial, Simcoe, and Citra hops then dry hopped with Chinook and Amarillo.
ABV 6.5% IBU 82

Gem State Pale Ale

This Pale was brewed with Northern Brewer and Cascade Hops. It is crisp, bright & balanced with a hoppy aroma.

Glacier IPA

Our IPA derives its name from the use of an ample amount of Glacier Hops. Bright, with focus on “flavor” over bitterness. Mildly citrusy and dry hopped for extra flavor and aroma.

Golden Cougar

Crisp and light. This golden ale is an easy drinking
5% ABV.

Gravitation Golden Ale

A light, golden ale with medium body and a light floral hop finish. Crisp and slightly fruity, with low toned bitterness. This is the easy drinking beer you are looking for. Made with Ahtanum and Cascade Hops.
ABV 6%

Harvest Ale

Available exclusively at harvest time in Autumn, this coppery, orange colored ale is bursting with aroma from fresh, unprocessed wet hops. Fresh Citra hops, “right from the vine, ” were shipped in and we quickly brewed up this fine, crisp ale.If you haven’t experienced the unique freshness of ‘wet hopped’ beer, you owe it to yourself!
ABV 6.5%

High PA

Brewed at 6200 feet, this is the pinnacle of our IPA series of beers. Bursting with hoppy aromatics and full of flavor, this is one brew you don’t want to miss!
ABV 7.6%

Hop Burst Cream Ale

An easy drinking remake of our Cream Ale that you fell in love with last year. This brew is light and crisp with a mild Hop aroma and a nice floral flavor. Made with Saaz, German Tradition, and Zythos Hops.
ABV 5% IBU 19

Hopstafarian Extra Pale IPA

An all pilsner malt IPA that is very clean and hopped 5 times for huge flavor. This special IPA is our strongest beer. Made with Falconer’s Flight, Amarillo and Cascade hops for citrusy aromas and flavors, then dry hopped with 7 C’s and Cascade hops. Attention “Hop Heads,” this ale is for you!
ABV 8.8% IBU 88

Idawild Light Ale

This Silver Medal winner (2008, NABA) has a very light malt character with a low, but discernible bitterness and hop flavor. Light in body and slightly fruity.

Jackalope Amber Rye

Rich amber color with a crisp flavor profile provided by the addition of Flaked Rye. This is a smooth winter version of our Summer Rye. Brewed with Saaz & Hallartau hops.
ABV 6.5% IBU 36

Jorgé IPA

This stronge ale is high in hops, with ingredients to delight. Brewed to honor our Beer Drinker of both 2009 and 2010, George Hoffman.

Libation IPA

“A toast to the Beer Gods…” Our delicious crossbreed English Style IPA is made with four types of American Hops. Yum!

Liquid Powder Ale

Our unique Winter Style Pale Ale is made from 100% pure melted snow ~ A Wildlife first! Crisp and clean with a citrusy aroma and a Hoppy finish. Made with Zythos hops and then Dry Hopped with Seven C’s.

ABV 5.5% IBU 37

Mighty Bison Brown Ale

This Bronze medal winner (2006, NABA) is “our flagship beer”. A dark American brown ale that is malty and complex with a hoppy finish. This is a Brown with atttude! Brewed with Northern Brewer and Cascade hops. ABV 6% IBU 40

Northern Light Ale

A lighter style, easy drinking ale with a light caramel color. It is crisp and clean with a hint of Hops in the finish. Brewed with Saaz, German Tradition, and Falconers Flight Hops. ABV 5.0% IBU 28

Point It! Pale Ale

Our most popular beer with Teton Valley locals. Not your standard Pale; more body and mouth feel than regular pales, with focus on a big, malty profile, and more finishing hops than bittering. The result is great aroma and lots of hop flavor that’s very dinkable for micro brew rookies and pro micro quaffers. Brewed with Cascade, Northern Brown and Hallertau hops, then dry hopped with Amarillo. ABV 6.5% IBU 35

Powder Pig Porter

Rich, dark, & ultra smooth. This winter ale has a noticeable roasted character, with hints of coffee and a mild hop flavor and aroma. Brewed with Northern Brewer & Hallertau Hops. ABV 6.5% IBU 34

Pucker Face IPA

This IPA is high in Bitterness with a slight hint of Citrus. Not for the Timid! Made with Seven C’s and Cascade hops then dry hopped with Zythos. ABV 7.6% IBU 86

Rodeo Red Ale

Complex flavors from start to finish. This brew has a deep, red color and a big malty profile. The hops are mild, yet present ~ just enough to balance it out. Brewed with Northern Brewer, Zythos and Cascade Hops. ABV 6.5% IBU 23

Rough Wrider Summer Rye

Named after Stuart Wride, a great friend who had a rough ride on the way to building our pub one April morning, this beet is crisp and smooth. A fine summer ale that will make you want to have more – Stu would! Donations to the Stuart Wride foundation can be made at US Bank in Victor, ID.

Rugged Trail Extra Pale

This ale is brightly colored and Hoppy with a light floral aroma. It has a crisp flavor, slightly dry finish, and a lingering bitterness that calls for the next sip! Brewed with Falconers Flight, Columbus, and Centennial Hops. ABV 6.1% IBU 47

Screaming Eagle American Pale Ale

This light colored American Pale is very well balanced. Screaming Eagle has a light Citrus aroma and a balanced Bitterness in the finish. Brewed with Northern Brewer and Cascade Hops. ABV 6.6% IBU 58

Soul Surfer Best Bitter

This English style ale was brewed with California yeast and English Hops. It is ultra smooth, has low carbonation, and is not bitter as the name implies.

Sweet Leaf Strong Ale

This Ale has a Caramel character that underlies a Citrusy, Hemp aroma. It is strong like an IPA but not excessively Hoppy. Made with Chinook and Amarillo Hops. ABV 7.6% IBU 66

Swirvalicious Double Red

This is a hoppier, stronger version of our Rodeo Red. You will notice its deep, rich, red color with complex flavors from start to finish. Made with Northern Brewer, 7 C’s, and Cascade hops. ABV 7.6% IBU 77

Trophy Trout Stout

Deep and dark in color with roasted notes and just a hint of hops. A stout with great flavor that is not too rich, dry, or sweet. Lighter drinking than most stouts without the loss of character. ABV 7%

White Out Stout

Before Stout meant Dark, it meant Strong. This White Stout is pale in color with a creamy texture. A slight hint of cocoa lingers on the palette in the finish. Brewed with Raw Cacao Extract, Clear Coffee Extract, as well as Northern Brewer and Cascade Hops. ABV 7.7% IBU 42

Wildcat Copper Ale

A crisp, copper colored ale with mild hints of caramel. Medium body, smooth, and “sessionable”. ABV 5.7%

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